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Golden Coast ClaimsGolden Coast Claims
5 Stars - Based on 39 User Reviews
Golden Coast ClaimsGolden Coast Claims
5 Stars - Based on 34 User Reviews
Chad M.Chad M.

Patrick, Kevin and the entire GCC team were amazing to work with. They made the whole process stress-free and simple. They knew exactly how to approach the...

Constance K.Constance K.

I worked with Kevin on a water intrusion claim for my rental home. He helped me get so much more out of my policy than I ever would have managed to get...

Brandon L.Brandon L.

You never expect to get a call saying that your house is flooded, but when you do the first thing I could think of was to call our Insurance Company. The...


A little late on this review but I wanted to share our wonderful experience this past summer with Patrick at Golden Coast Claims.

As first time homeowners, we were really nervous about coming across water damage in the kitchen and had no idea where to turn and how to file a claim with our insurance. Our contractor Jonathan from JW Home Care (also local and exceptional) referred us to Patrick to help us with the claim. I had never even heard of a public adjuster and had no idea just how beneficial it could be to have one on board.

Patrick came to our home the next day and gave us some information about how he could help. Not once did we feel like he was pushing his services, in fact he was genuinely friendly with his advice. We signed him on the next day and are so grateful we did. He took care of everything on the insurance side and guided us every step of the way, always available for questions. In the end we were left with a settlement much greater than we would have ever been able to get on our own and were able to restore our kitchen exactly how we wanted.

If you're in a similar situation and nervous about the lengthy insurance claims process, I highly recommend reaching out to Patrick and his team for guidance. He's genuinely kind, professional and local which is a plus.

Thank you Patrick!

warren chongwarren chong

Dealing with insurance is a lot. I have talked to lots of contractors, mitigation companies and other public adjusters. In my situation it has felt like a lot of people are in it for the money and not for the customer. Gold Coast has been the most honest company I have come across in this whole process. Patrick has helped me so much from evaluating my claim to finding an honest contractor. I can not recommend these guys enough.

Maggie MMaggie M

Call Kevin and the team at Golden Coast First!!!
As soon as you discover water - call Kevin first! I can't say enough good things about Kevin and Golden Coast claims. We made the mistake of calling a mold remittance company and trying to deal with our insurance company directly and what a mistake. We didn't understanding the processes of dealing with a water leak and insurance companies desire to deny your claim. We didn't realize that this was going to be an adversarial relationship with insurance out the door. The remittance companies are there to get their hand into your claim before you realize what's even going on. Stay away from mole remittance companies or anyone who wants to pack out your house.
I reached out to Kevin after we were already knee deep in our claim and he's given us the best advice and has helped guide us through this horrible process. If I could go back in time the first call I would have made when we discovered our slab leak, would have been to Kevin. He's worth every penny and is the only person in this entire process that's actually advocating for you and your family.

Andrea CovertAndrea Covert

When we discovered a slab leak in our home, we didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, we found Golden Coast Claims to help us through the process. Patrick and his team were completely dedicated to our claim and all of our concerns. They kept us updated on the daily, providing exceptional customer service. We are so grateful for GCC! If you ever are faced with a potential claim, make sure to first call Patrick. You’ll be glad you did!

Samuel CovertSamuel Covert

Patrick and his team were insanely informative and reliable at helping us navigate a complex and overwhelming system of making an insurance claim for your home and maximizing the claim to your benefit. Golden Coast was reliable, professional, always timely and making us feel confident and assured that our family and our home was taken care of. THANK YOU GOLDEN COAST!