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We are a team of family owned and operated Insurance Specialists representing you, the Policy Holder. We understand that dealing with an insurance claim is extremely confusing and stressful, and it’s our job to navigate through the entire claims process for you. We are here for you every step of the way, whether we are your first call once you’ve discovered you have a claim, or you’ve been dealing with one for months and are discouraged and frustrated.

Whether you have encountered a slab leak, water damage, smoke or fire damage, we are here to handle your claim and to represent your interests. We will make sure that you receive the maximum benefits you are due for your home or business.

With ten years of combined experience in the Insurance Industry, our adjusters are experts in the field and are proudly serving Policy Holders in both CA and AZ.

We started this company because we know that Policy Holders aren’t always treated fairly, having worked on the opposite side, representing the Insurance company’s interest. The claims process can be confusing and frustrating and you need a trusted advocate who will ensure you’re treated fairly.

Public Insurance Adjusting is an extremely valuable service that is often overlooked by most people, simply because they do not know that our services are available. As experts in our field, our adjusters will review your policy, evaluate your losses/damages and execute the best plan of action to professionally navigate and handle your claim with your insurance company and the adjuster they assign to your case.

Fire/Smoke Damage

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When your home or place of business is affected by a fire and smoke damage, it can be devastating. There is so much involved in the restoration process of recovering from fire/smoke damage, and our adjusters are experts in this area and we are ready to help. Leave the negotiating with your insurance company up to us.

Having worked with the largest Insurance companies as adjusters, we have seen firsthand that not all adjusters with your Insurance Company are experts in the field, as there is no license or past experience necessary, due to the intensity and difficulty of the job and the turnover rate. This is why it is imperative to have a licensed, expert adjuster from Golden Coast Claims as your advocate, representing you and ensuring that you're not only receiving the maximum settlements you're due, but to also walk you through and explain each step of the process.


Water Damage

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Water damage is the most common reason a policy holder will file a claim, here in CA. There are so many issues that can come along with having water damage in your home or place of business, and handling your claim on your own is both overwhelming and stressful. Although the water damage might be covered under your policy, the insurance adjuster handling your claim will likely try and give you the smallest settlement they can, as they are representing your insurance company's interest, not yours. This is why hiring Golden Coast Claims to advocate for you and to expertly handle your claim for you is necessary to ensure that your interests are in fact represented and that you will receive the maximum settlement possible.

We understand that when you have water damage in your home or place of business it is extremely disruptive and stressful. We also know that you need to get your life put back together as quickly as possible. Each Policy Holder is experiencing a different situation, and our adjusters are here for you each step of the way.

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